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Thermostatic Shower Valve Buying Guide. Thermostatic Shower Valve Buying Guide.
And because children have thinner skin than adults they are especially vulnerable to scald burns from hot water. Thermostatic anti-scald shower valve makes a shower safer and more comfortable. For a simple scald-prevention measure lower the water heater thermostat to 120 degrees F. To check your hot waters temperature place a meat thermometer in a glass and run hot water into it for two minutes. The way to eliminate those temperature shifts is to install a pressure-balance anti-scald valve or thermostatic shower valve in the shower wall where the shower controls are located see How a Shower Works.
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Home / Products / Showers / Shower Controls. Whether you choose the latest digital technology allowing you to run a bath from your smart phone or a classic dual control shower valve with a satisfyingly mechanical feel the quality of materials and manufacture are of prime importance. Hart tests all our bathroom shower controls and only stocks those that meet our technical teams exacting standards. Our classic shower controls are cast in solid brass machined and assembled in the UK. Their timeless style and peerless quality make them a favourite for leading hotels in the capital. A nickel or incaloy gold finish can be specified as an alternative to polished chrome.
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A number of styles are available to match your design and installation requirements. Show GROHE Bathroom Collection. Thermostatic Shower Mixers For comfortable Showering. A thermostatic shower valve mixes the hot and cold water supplies to the temperature of your choosing. It ensures the water temperature remains constant for the duration of your shower. The fast response time means that even if someone elsewhere in the home turns on a faucet or flushes the toilet the temperature of your shower water will be unaffected. Stop the water mid-shower e.g. to shampoo your hair then simply restart the shower at the same temperature.
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Home Products Showering Classical Thermostatic Shower Valves. Classical Thermostatic Shower Valves. Echoing traditional Victorian design the classical valve heralds a refreshingly contemporary styling with its clean lines allowing it to be positioned in both traditional and modern bathroom settings. Including both concealed and exposed shower options the classical shower valve is available with all handle and lever styles in all four finishes. Each St James Collection thermostatic shower is fitted with the very latest in thermostatic cartridge technology that ensures optimum temperature control and safety. The thermostatic showers are also dual control so that water flow and water temperature can be independently operated. EXPOSED THERMOSTATIC SHOWER VALVE.
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Choosing a Shower Valve Part 1 Manual or Thermostatic Island Bathrooms.
A remote control panel can be placed within or outside your shower enclosure so you need not have to step into a running shower to get that perfect temperature before you hop in. Lack of thermostatic control means sudden changes in water temperature. Precise thermostatic control will automatically adjust to keep a constant temperature. Digitally or manually controlled. Not suitable for young children. Suitable for young children. Good for use with overflow bath filler pullout handset. Use with any outlet you want precise control of temperature. Slightly pricier than a manual valve. Ready to start shopping? You'll find manual shower valves here or thermostatic valves here. Next Article Choosing a Shower Valve Part 2 Concealed or Exposed.
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Hole in the Wall. Thermostatic taps and valves are designed to regulate the water temperature and they do so by maintaining the same ratio between hot and cold water to keep the overall temperature constant. One can easily adjust the water temperature when in use but once the balance between hot and cold water is changed these valves automatically ensure the water stays at the desired temperature. These valves offer both safety and comfort by avoiding sudden changes in water temperature.
How To Troubleshoot A Thermostatic Shower Valve Bathstore User Guide YouTube.
This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Uploaded on Aug 10 2011. This video shows you how to troubleshoot and rectify thermostatic control problems and the on/off control for a twin controlled thermostatic shower valve. The thermostatic shower valve included in this tutorial is Bathstore's best selling thermostatic shower valve while the tutorial video covers general instructions tips and hints relating to most thermostatic shower valves with twin controls. More Bathstore tutorial videos about baths basins showers and others can be viewed at or in the Video Tutorials section of this Youtube channel Show more Show less. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled a suggested video will automatically play next.
How do thermostatic shower valves work?
They also contain an anti-scald device which will shut off the supply should the hot or cold water fail for any reason. A thermostatic shower valve in action. Types of thermostatic shower valve. Our entry level Economy valve is typically known as a bar valve and sits external to the wall. It is easy to fit and manufactured in ABS plastic and brass for durability. The valve features a chrome plated finish and has easy to read easy to grip flow and temperature control dials. This is for use with a single outlet and you can choose your own slider rail kit to go with it.
Why You Should Be Using Thermostatic Control Valves Acorn Engineering.
What Are Thermostatic Control Valves? The purpose of a control valve is to control setpoint temperature. A pressure balance shower valve addresses temperature flux only due to inlet pressure changes. Youve addressed only one potential indirect risk. There are some albeit rare circumstances such as simultaneously occurring changes in inlet temperature and pressure where a pressure valve could expose a bather to greater danger. A direct response to output temperature changes is the only way to provide the highest level of bather safety. The best solution is a thermostatic control valve. A thermostatic control valve prevents dangerously high output temperature regardless of input and outlet variations and demand variations.
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On top of that your safety is paramount to us and as such each concealed thermostatic shower mixer valve from us at is designed and built so as to conform to top design standards. All this quality is covered by a free ten year warranty given to you whenever you buy from us. Privacy Terms of Use. Sign Up for Offers.
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Jump to navigation search. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January 2009 Learn how and when to remove this template message. A thermostatic mixing valve TMV is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant safe shower and bath outlet temperatures preventing scalding. The storage of water at high temperature removes one possible breeding ground for Legionella the use of a thermostat rather than a static mixing valve provides increased safety against scalding and increased user comfort because the hot-water temperature remains constant. Many TMVs use a wax thermostat for regulation.

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